Welcome To zionss

Zion Services & Solutions is Contact Centre which makes use of all Communication mediums like Phone Call, SMS, Fax, Email, and Personal Visit, to engage and interact with your customers. We call this a 360 degree approach to service customers. In a country where customer service is unheard off, Zion Services & Solutions tries to make use of the best available resources that speak the customer’s language, and combine them with state of the art call centre technologies to create a seamless, hassle free and totally blissful consumer experience.


Who We Are?

We create customized solutions and believe in co-creation of value by making the most effective utilization of our talent pool. Zion Services & Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of Contact Centre Services across the entire Lifecycle of a Customer ranging from:


Zion Services & Solutions has been in business for decades and we have utilized all our sales expertise in designing a solution which will give you THE exact data that you are looking at to convert those enquires into valuable leads and finally into sales. The results are stunning as the distribution reach that you can get out of a professional call centre is simply superb. On an average our agent can make upwards of 250 calls per day. You can expect stellar conversion rates, exceptional sales statistics and valuable customer data to support marketing and sales initiatives.